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If It Ain't Broke... [21 Nov 2010|02:02pm]


...Don't Fix It.

That's how the saying goes, and I believe in it.

To all the scene-mixers:

Please stop trying to mix skinhead with other things, e.g. thug skinz. The homie look is lame. Don't pollute the skinhead look with it.

Mixing the trad skin look with punk gave us the oi! skin look, which was still sharp, and hard-looking. Mixing skinhead and homie just ruins the skin look. You might as well mix a U.S. Marine's uniform with a clown costume. I find a parallel in the Hank Hill quote about Christian rock music,

"You're not making Christianity better, you're making rock 'n' roll worse!"

Same idea. Stop dicking around with it.

Oh, and this fetish shit has to stop:


Gays have their own clubs, their own fashions, turns of phrase, tv shows, even their own districts...can't you just leave THIS ONE THING alone? Can't you just NOT co-opt ONE thing and leave it for the straights? PLEASE?!? You don't see one city - not ONE - with a "skinhead town" or "skin village"...yet most major cities have a "boys town" or "gayville" or whatever, (official or not)...and you're considered a "community" in a lot of places with some kind of political clout.

Can't you be happy with that? Just leave our culture alone, please...for the love of God, please. Don't ruin it.

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Southern Riot..... [11 Apr 2004|04:52pm]

Oi! outta Houston Texas


Let me know what you think?

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[13 Jul 2003|06:15am]

[ mood | determined ]

Ahhh, soo sorry I haven't done much on here...I feel like I should scrap this community, but then again give a old college try and see what can actually transpire here. Would be interesting to have a place here for us Older Skinheads to share alot with the youngins...we can talk how it use to be vs. all the changes in today's scene...C'mon, let it all out in any way possible.

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